I Really Enjoy the Tea

I really enjoy the tea. They taste great and are a great combination of the herbs I need while I am trying to get pregnant.


LOVE this tea

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this tea… I’ve never tasted anything like it!

I have one per day, usually as my ‘wind down’ each evening. It’s perfect =)


The tea is a hit.

The tea is a hit. I have one patient I’ve been working with for quite some time, and once she started the tea she had one of the healthiest periods she’s had in years.


LOVE Moontime Fertility Tea

As a tea lover, I always enjoy trying new teas. Finding one that supports the female reproductive cycle and symptoms, is such a gift. Moontime Tea is not only delicious, the effects are relaxing and soothing. It is now part of my evening ritual. And I recommend it to my coaching clients to support stress management and cycle symptoms. Thank you, Moontime Tea!

Michelle Galatoire, Nourish & Bloom Life Coaching

Recommended by health care providers

The blend that makes up Fertility Tea is excellent. As a holistic health care provider I recommend this tea to my patients that are interested in conceiving. It’s a gentle blend of herbs to calm and nourish, both of which are needed in these stressful times.

I find it’s often the simple things that we do everyday that make all the difference. This why sipping a mere cup of hot tea can actually create more positive change than you can imagine.


Praise for Moontime Tea

Best Fertility Tea On The Market!

I am a Brooklyn, NY acupuncturist and herbalist who predominantly treats fertility patients and I have always wanted to offer a product to my patients that would make them feel great after their initial consultation. For anyone out there who has struggled with fertility concerns they know it is a very emotional, raw, and can be painful process. My office wanted to offer our patients something for free that they can take home with them after their first meeting with us. This way they can sit back, relax, review all the material we just went over while enjoying a therapeutic and delicious cup of Moon Time Tea.

We have been providing this amazing tea blend for over 1 year now and all of our patients come back asking for more. They love the taste and say they feel more calm after drinking the tea.

I would highly recommend this tea to anyone interested in either fertility health or just a great tasting tea overall to have in your home.


Delicious and Restorative

Who knew eating for fertility could be fun?! I really am enjoying this cookbook, I browse through the pages and look for new recipes for the week. I made the white bean and spinach soup, and who knew my husband would love it too! I got the book on recommendation from my acupuncturist and I am very pleased with it.

It’s hard to tell if it’s placebo or really the food, but I certainly do feel better and more clear headed when I eat the food from this book. When you are trying to become pregnant it feels good to nurture yourself through nutritious food. It helps to have a Vita Mix for the smoothie recipes, I like the Green smoothie with green apple and avocado, it sounds weird to put avocado in, but it makes it really smooth and I think my skin benefits from it too!

Bon Appetit and fertility blessings to all trying to conceive. Fertile Foods Organic Fertility Tea


This Book is a Must

I have been struggling with unexplained fertility for over 3 years. With western techniques being very costly, emotionally draining, and unsuccessful, we decided to try the eastern medicine techniques in the book the Infertility Cure. The most difficult part was trying to figure out what I could eat and recipes to support the diet for fertility. This book not only gave great recipes, but gave a nutritional recap of what was in the book, so you don’t have to cross reference the two. If you are considering trying the techniques in the Infertility Cure, this book is a must.


Cooking for Fertility is a Nourishing Choice!

I recommend Cooking for Fertility to all my clients who are trying to concieve – and to all the women I coach for wellness, as it offers the most nutritious and delicious options for cooking for optimal health. The typical American diet has far too much sugar, wheat and dairy, and as Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us, this type of eating can create havoc on our hormones, insulin sensitivity and even our peace of mind. Cooking for Fertility takes the mystery out of Spleen Qi Diet and allows the reader to confidently create meals that are nourishing and enjoyable for the whole family. Highly recommend!

Michelle Galatoire, Nourish and Bloom

The Infertility Cure Diet

Kathryn Flynn has combined Chinese dietary therapy, knowledge of fertility enhancement, and a flow in culinary preparation that can turn your kitchen into a center of healing. Because her work came directly out of The Fertile Soul method, it embodies the spirit of healing in a simple and easy to incorporate lifetime eating plan. No matter what your pattern of imbalance, Cooking for Fertility has delicious recipes that can help you become more fertile.

Dr. Randine Lewis, Author of The Infertility Cure and The Way of the Fertile Soul


I am now 8 weeks pregnant, and I know that Kathryn’s advice and cookbook helped me to get here. I followed her eating recommendations and used her recipes for 6 months before trying to conceive, and then it only took 3 months to get pregnant (and I’m over 40). I recommend this book to any woman who wants to get her body ready for pregnancy.


What a valuable resource!

Kathryn Flynn demonstrates a strong knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating in this easy to read and valuable cookbook. I recommend this book to my clients in my private practice as a psychologist when working with women who would like to conceive and even those who just want to improve their overall health and wellness. This book offers accessible everyday recipes and provides a clear and user friendly educational summary in each section. The recommendation tables and glossary in the back in particularly useful.

Dr. Sarah Levoy, The Prepared Mom

Highly recommended!

As a treating acupuncturist in NYC, I make sure all my fertility patients have a copy of Kathryn’s book “Cooking for Fertility”. All of my patients express how wonderful the book is and how delicious the food comes out. I have seen great results from a practitioners standpoint in those who choose to purchase Kathryn’s book and I strongly encourage any woman who is TTC to check it out! Thanks Kathryn for creating such an asset to my practice!

Sharon Wyse L.Ac, Sharon Wyse Acupuncture

Great cookbook!

I love this cookbook. I recommend it to all my infertility patients. It is filled with delicious nutritious recipes. Highly recommended if you are looking to get more healthy and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy!

Tiffany Jackson, Naturopath, Founder of Ecohealth and Wellness

Delicious Recipes – and Not Only for Fertility!

I am in love with Cooking for Fertility from both a professional and a personal standpoint.

I’ll talk professional first – as an acupuncturist specializing in fertility, this book is indispensable. I make sure that all of my fertility patients have this book. Kathryn really excels at giving a variety of easy-to-make, insanely delicious recipes. With each recipe there is a paragraph explaining the energetics of the dish from a Chinese Medicine standpoint, so patients are able to learn about what nourishes their specific imbalances. I have also recommended the cookbook to non-fertility patients who are interested in eating better.

Eating healthily should not make you feel like you are lacking in flavors or treats. Kathryn provides so many delicious indulgences – that are actually good for you!

As for personal, I love using these recipes in my kitchen. The Pumpkin Pesto is ridiculous – no one I make it for ever guesses it’s vegan – and has kale in it! The Fertile Soul cookies are a yummy treat. I could go on and on about my favorite recipes, but I’ll let you find some for yourself.

Liz Roseman, Acupuncturist and Owner of Sustainable Health Acupuncture

Praise for Cooking for Fertility

In Cooking for Fertility, Kathryn Simmons Flynn has presented numerous sumptuous and sensible recipes as well as a wealth of information for anyone seeking reproductive health. The inner message of this lovely, inspired work is that improved fertility is much more likely when ideal nutrition provides a healing foundation. Moreover, Flynn provides the tools for making personalized therapeutic food choices based on the proven methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cooking for Fertility is destined to help many fortunate readers achieve natural and safe fertility.

Paul Pitchford, Author of Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition

I am now 24 weeks pregnant!

I just wanted to give you a brief update. I had a nutrition consult with you in 2011. We made nutritional and lifestyle modifications, I had acupuncture, took the prescribed herbs and supplements and we conceived naturally. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far! We are expecting our second girl due on May 2nd.(I will be 45 years old when I deliver her) All of the screening tests and ultrasounds that they have done have looked good and indicate that she is a healthy baby. Thank you for all of the help, information and support that you provided me.



I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!  Confirmed today at my RE office (boy, are we surprised, they said….), I am just a few weeks pregnant. I also wanted to tell you because YOU BELIEVED IN ME and it happened – a MIRACLE.


Praise for Kathryn Flynn’s Nutrition Consultations

I firmly believe that the support and knowledge I gained while in your program helped tremendously in bringing about this pregnancy. For the three months before I conceived, my follicular phase lengthened to 14 days, including the month of conception. During those months, I felt very nurtured, partly from being around family during the holidays, and partly just a mindset I was in.

Thank you for your encouragement and help on this journey. I hope my story is a help to others. Please keep up the good work in supporting women and their fertility!


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