Who knew eating for fertility could be fun?! I really am enjoying this cookbook, I browse through the pages and look for new recipes for the week. I made the white bean and spinach soup, and who knew my husband would love it too! I got the book on recommendation from my acupuncturist and I am very pleased with it.

It’s hard to tell if it’s placebo or really the food, but I certainly do feel better and more clear headed when I eat the food from this book. When you are trying to become pregnant it feels good to nurture yourself through nutritious food. It helps to have a Vita Mix for the smoothie recipes, I like the Green smoothie with green apple and avocado, it sounds weird to put avocado in, but it makes it really smooth and I think my skin benefits from it too!

Bon Appetit and fertility blessings to all trying to conceive. Fertile Foods Organic Fertility Tea


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