Functional Nutrition for Fertility

I’m Kathryn, As the author of Cooking for Fertility I have first hand experience using food as medicine to conceive. As the mom of two littles, I help women prepare for healthy pregnancies with the latest research, delicious recipes and a good dose of self care.

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Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup

This is a household favorite and so easy to make.  Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene and help to support...

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Healthy Sweeteners

Healthy Sweeteners

Most of us would agree that at one stage of our lives or another, a sweet treat was the "staple" that got us through...

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Praise for Kathryn Flynn’s Nutrition Consultations

I firmly believe that the support and knowledge I gained while in your program helped tremendously in bringing about this pregnancy. For the three months before I conceived, my follicular phase lengthened to 14 days, including the month of conception. During those months, I felt very nurtured, partly from being around family during the holidays, and partly just a mindset I was in.

Thank you for your encouragement and help on this journey. I hope my story is a help to others. Please keep up the good work in supporting women and their fertility!


I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!! Confirmed today at my RE office (boy, are we surprised, they said….), I am just a few weeks pregnant. I also wanted to tell you because YOU BELIEVED IN ME and it happened – a MIRACLE.

Praise for Cooking for Fertility

In Cooking for Fertility, Kathryn Simmons Flynn has presented numerous sumptuous and sensible recipes as well as a wealth of information for anyone seeking reproductive health. The inner message of this lovely, inspired work is that improved fertility is much more likely when ideal nutrition provides a healing foundation. Moreover, Flynn provides the tools for making personalized therapeutic food choices based on the proven methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cooking for Fertility is destined to help many fortunate readers achieve natural and safe fertility.

Great cookbook!

I love this cookbook. I recommend it to all my infertility patients. It is filled with delicious nutritious recipes. Highly recommended if you are looking to get more healthy and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy!

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