Yoga for Fertility

Fertility yoga is a popular form of exercise and relaxation shown to help men and women conceive. A Harvard Medical Study showed women who participated in a 10 week mind body program, that included yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques, were twice as likely to get pregnant.

A fertility yoga class is similar to a restorative or gentle class. Teachers often include postures designed to increase blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organs and induce the stress response. Though the link between stress and infertility is not completely understood, it is well know that animals in the wild do not reproduce in times of danger. The stress response in human beings is quite similar. When we go into a state of “fight or flight” our bodies produce cortisol, which signals the body into “survival mode”. Without realizing it, many people exist in a state of chronic stress. Including relaxation techniques like fertility yoga is important to help restore balance and harmony.

How does fertility yoga help you conceive?

• Reduces stress by eliciting the relaxation response
• Helps to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs
• Aligns the spine, encouraging the free flow of energy through the body
• Releases toxins
• Opens pelvic and hip region
• Release of endorphins contributing to sexual vitality and improved communication in relationships

Two of my favorite fertility yoga resources are:

Yoga and Fertility: A Journey to Health and Healing by Lynn Jensen and Jill Petigara (Lynn Jensen is a longtime fertility yoga teacher up in Seattle Washington who teaches wonderful fertility yoga classes and now trains yoga teachers to specialize in fertility yoga.)

The Fertile Soul of Yoga DVD (I love this DVD not only because it is a great fertility flow, but also because it includes a special meditation by Randine Lewis and, as we know, the relaxation response is a key to any fertility yoga class for fertility.)


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