What is your word for 2021? How do you want feel going into this New Year?
I am personally not a New Years resolution girl, but I am definitely a lover of new journals and
new beginnings. Rather than setting the usual list of rigid goals for the new year- lose weight,
exercise more, cut out sugar, gluten and so on, I have been asking patients this past week to
choose a word that represents how they want to feel in 2021. I learned this practice from
Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map and I have been using it ever since, not only to start a New Year
but also to begin a New Cycle.

This past week, I have heard words like RENEWED, JOYFUL, “FOLLOW THROUGH”, REENGAGED, RESTED, NOURISHED, HEALED and LIGHT. What I love about this practice is that
it allows you to walk through the day and ask yourself if the choices you are making are
resonant with how you want to feel. Your word becomes a filter how you live your life. Healthy
habits are comprised of small commitments made daily and each day is an opportunity to start

Here’s how I choose my word:

  1. Light a candle
  2. Put on some relaxing music
  3. Visualize yourself in your favorite place, completely relaxed and at peace
  4. Brainstorm a list of adjectives that describe how you feel
  5. Choose one or two words (or more if you like)
  6. Repeat as you need a refresh
    I would love to hear your word for this new cycle and any other rituals you use to start fresh in
    the comments below!

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