Restore Fertility with the Relaxation Response

It is well known that increased stress levels over time can contribute to a host of illnesses by lowering immune function, increasing blood pressure, disturbing healthy digestive patterns. Since stress creates imbalances of hormones in your body, it also has a strong impact on your fertility and can lead to menstrual cycle irregularity, ovulation malfunction, implantation issues and lowered tubal function.

From a physiological perspective, increased levels of stress hormones are released by the nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis sending the body into “survival mode”. As seen in nature, animals do not reproduce when they are in danger. Our body’s react in much the same way to less primal perceived threats in our environment. Some of the warning signs of stress are: memory problems, inability to concentrate, depression, feelings of isolation, chest pain, digestive disturbances, low libido, over or under-eating, changes in sleep patterns and substance abuse.

With busy schedules and constant deadlines, the opportunities to feel stressed may seem endless. Learning to manage stress in a different way by introducing specialized relaxation techniques may be the key to restoring hormonal balance and vitality. In the early 1970’s Dr. Herbert Benson, a Harvard cardiologist, introduced a technique called the relaxation responseto counteract the harmful effects of stress. He suggested that everyone practice a mindful meditation by sitting quietly, completely relaxing the body from the toes to the top of the head and breathing rhythmically for 20 minutes twice a day at least 2 hours from mealtime. The goal: when practiced over time the relaxation response can help to overrule the stress response.

4 Comments to “Restore Fertility with the Relaxation Response”

  1. Avatar Louis says:

    One of the oldest means of medicine is rest… but people do not take this real serious.Rest is medicine and food for the soul.It atb the period of rest/sleep that the body takes time recuberate and heal,grow and nourish itself.

    Having an hour’s nap a day can add to your longviety believe it or not

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