Lemon Cucumber Drink

Lemon Cucumber Drink

The other night we went to a friend’s for a BBQ and Kari Brunson introduced us to one of the most delicious beverages I have ever tasted. Granted, most people at the party were having the alcoholic version, but on this HOT summer night I was most grateful that she could make mine a virgin.

When desiring to conceive it makes sense to moderate or omit alcohol consumption, which impacts the health of the liver. For fertility, we want hormone metabolism to be optimal, and cutting out unnecessary toxins is a first step toward a clean liver. This isn’t to say the occasional glass of wine or champagne is forbidden, I just notice I feel a lot better the less alcohol I consume, and you may notice the same.

I have always loved lemonade, but the addition of the cooling properties of cucumber truly brought my old-time favorite to a new level of refreshing. Like water, drink this beverage at room temperature to optimize digestion. I would also suggest making a larger quantity because you are sure to want more once you taste it!

Celina’s Lemon Cucumber Drink:

1/2 gallon lemonade (recipe is also in the Cooking for Fertility cookbook)
1/2 cucumber, peeled and sliced and add to lemonade.

The cucumber will soak into the lemonade and the taste is nothing short of delightful. The essence building and liver cleansing properties are an added bonus!

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