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Where is the JOY In-Fertility?

Nourish Your Fertility at Home Day Spa

The joy of the holidays is upon us.  Well, for some of us.

When you are the one going through infertility, it can feel like the whole world’s celebration of the season with the family they have created is a painful reminder that yours is not yet here.

Not yet.  Even while you manage to hold on the hope, the celebrations can still sting.  One of the holiday seasons during my twelve years of infertility, I decided to escape.  What better excuse to escape than to be able to say I wanted snow for Christmas – a novelty experience when you live in Texas!  So off we flew to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a pinion pine scented fire place and snow covered mountains.  I just knew this Christmas would be so much more enjoyable if I could run away from infertility for a while.

I wept the whole time I was there.

There was no joy in the snow covered mountains.  There was no joy in the pinion scented fires.  There was no joy at church singing carols.  There was no joy in being on vacation with my husband.  All the pain of infertility had come with me.  Because the pain was IN me.

Lesson learned.  The joy needed to come from within me as well.

And so the journey towards self love through self care began….

For me, and the women I support and guide on this journey, one of the lessons that I needed to learn was to remember to love myself.  After so many years of infertility, so many treatments, endless blood work and multiple miscarriages, I had learned to live for the next appointment or the next treatment or the next pregnancy test.  And I had forgotten to tend to the needs of my mind, body and spirit as a woman.  Just as a woman.  Just me.

So my journey into essential self care began.  At first, it looked like meditation, candle lit baths, body and energy work and lots of sleep.  Then I added journaling, ritual and sacred space.  Then I added nourishing my body on a cellular level with nutrition and custom supplements – not just for fertility, but for optimal health.  Then I delved into personal development and shadow work.  And recognizing at each new level of self care that the love, joy and peace that I sought was only attainable from the inside out.  And at that level of healing, your heart can clearly speak to your body, and the Universe can clearly hear your heart’s desire.

Don’t misunderstand.  I am not saying forget about your fertility….and your dream for a baby.  This is about making ALL of you fertile….not just the parts that are measured by blood work and ultrasounds.

So how can you move through this season of love, joy and peace that will allow you to feel that love, joy and peace?

I invite you to a day of learning what supreme self care looks like and what it feels like.  Can you gift yourself one day of self care, meditation and ritual?  A mini at home retreat that will teach you how to engage in the tools and processes that can truly heal?  And plant the seeds of love, joy and peace in your mind, body and soul to grow and flourish, that will ultimately enhance your fertility greatly?

Join me for Nourish Your Fertility at Home Day Spa on Wednesday, December 18th beginning at 9am Central.  Put it in your calendar.  Block off the entire day for YOU.  And I will meet you there.

You can register at www.nourishandbloom.com/nourish-your-fertility-at-home-spa-day by filling out the form on that page and typing At Home Spa Day in the subject line.

Michelle Galatoire
Fertile Body/Mind/Spirit Guide & Coach

About Me

As the founder of FertileFoods.com my intention is to support men and women from the childbearing years all the way to the family dinner table by prioritizing relaxation, pleasure, exercise, healthy foods and high quality nutrient supplementation.

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