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When Am I Most Fertile?


You are most fertile when your body naturally begins to crave sex.  Truly– relying on your natural instincts is one of the most reliable ways to recognize your most fertile days.  However, while some prefer to leave baby making to fate, there is a science to understanding ovulation patterns and timing sex.

Charting basal body temperatures (BBT) and observing shifts in your cervical mucous can offer more precise information about your fertility.  Take your temperature first thing in the morning, before rising, for several months and you will begin to notice patterns of ovulation—specifically a noticeable rise in your temperature that will stay elevated if you have conceived.  Cervical mucous is most “fertile” when it takes on an egg white consistency that facilitates the meeting of sperm and egg in the fallopian tube.  Ovulation predictor kits track specific shifts in hormones that indicate ovulation and are available at most drug stores.

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