What to Expect in the Second Trimester


You’ve made it through the first three months and there’s still so much to look forward to. Your baby’s DNA is replicating at incredible rates and with your healthy habits, your little one is blossoming beautifully. So what to look forward to in the second semester? Here are several delights that may be coming your way:

The end of morning sickness- as hormones levels begin to even out, you’ll be happy to say goodbye to nausea and vomiting. With energy levels on the rise, you may also notice an increase in sexual desire.

A new wardrobe- after the initial weight gain in the first semester, expect to gain approximately one pound per week. If you haven’t already hit the town, now is a great time for a mom-to-be shopping spree.

Voluptuous breasts- Just when you thought they’d reached their max, you may notice your cup size increase by one to two sizes. Your breasts are filling up with all the nourishment and goodness your baby will need.

Radiant skin- circulation is increasing and so is your healthy glow! With your energy levels returning and the end of morning sickness, continue to drink lots of water and get some gentle exercise each day to maintain your radiance.

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