It’s way worth it to get enough Vitamin D to keep you and your baby’s bones strong from the get go.  Why is it so important?  According to one study, your kids bone density is predetermined by your vitamin D levels at birth.  Lower levels may create a predisposition to multiple sclerosis in mothers and adolescents, wheezing disorder in babies, lowered fertility rates and pre-emclampsia.  To learn more about the 15 health benefits of Vitamin D click here.

The best way to get Vitamin D is to go outside and bask in the sunlight.  Of course this is easier said than done, especially in the northern climates where incidence of vitamin D deficiency is rampant.  Even if there is a cloud layer, try to get outside each day and spend 10 minutes in the sun without SPF protection, which can block vitamin D.  It is also recommended to take a Vitamin D supplement with a minimum of 5mcg through pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The following foods are great sources of Vitamin D:

Source: Linus Pauling Institute

Food Serving Vitamin D (IU) Vitamin D (mcg)
Pink salmon, canned 3 ounces 530 13.3
Sardines, canned 3 ounces 231 5.8
Mackerel, canned 3 ounces 213 5.3
Quaker Nutrition for Women Instant Oatmeal 1 packet 154 3.9
Cow’s milk, fortified with vitamin D 8 ounces 98 2.5
Soy milk, fortified with vitamin D 8 ounces 100 2.5
Orange juice, fortified with vitamin D 8 ounces 100 2.5
Cereal, fortified 1 serving (usually 1 cup) 40-50 1.0-1.3
Egg yolk 1 large 21 0.53

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