Vertigo is a common pregnancy complaint during the first trimester. A new mom, on top of all the other pregnant side effects, may often feel a little light-headed and dizzy. This is most likely because the blood flow in the body is changing, as it is diverted to the growing uterus and fetus. Vertigo is typically not something to worry about (although if it feels unusual or extreme, talk to your doctor). The biggest concern is not dizziness itself, but rather that your likelihood of falling and injuring yourself increases. To avoid vertigo/recover from vertigo, follow these tips:

  • Breath deeply
  • Don’t make fast, jerky movements
  • Take time transitioning when sitting up or standing up
  • Use handrails when using stairs/escalators, etc.
  • Wear stable shoes with good support (toppling off your Barbie heels would be dangerous and embarrassing)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help carrying things or doing strenuous tasks
  • As you experience dizziness, stay home and relax (if possible).
  • Putting the feet up sends blood (and oxygen) back to the heart and head

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