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The Benefits of Using a Birthing Ball in Labor and Beyond

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The Birthing Ball is to birth as mother’s milk is to a baby. It’s efficient, incredible and soothing.

It’s one of those things that get you thinking ”whoever designed this ball must be rich,” so I researched it. What we call the birthing ball was developed by an Italian plastics manufacturer   Aquilino Cosani   in 1963. They were originally known as “Pezzi Balls” and were used in treatment programs for newborns & infants by Mary Quinton, a British Physiotherapist, who was working in Switzerland at the time.

Before birth, which is the “I can’t see my feet” time, sitting on the ball helps ease backaches, increases blood flow to the uterus, placenta and baby, and gives support to the mom’s knees and ankles. Just as importantly, it just plain “feels good.”

During labor, the ball can be used in a number of different ways to provide the following benefits:

1.    To help relieve back labor

2.    It encourages rotation of a posterior baby

3.    It helps gravity do its thing and encourages the descent of the baby by enhancing uterine contractions

4.    It conserves energy by getting the mom off her feet

My daughter-in-law uses a ball with her newborn as the rocking motion relaxes her baby, gets the baby to sleep easier than anything else and reduces (my daughter-in-law’s) back fatigue.

This a great tool for pre-birth, during birth and postpartum.

Thank you Mr. Cosani!

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