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Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen:

I recently re-read Walter Makichen’s book Spirit Babies which is offers an insightful metaphysical viewpoint of conception. I first met Walter while working at a Fertile Soul Retreat. At the time, I didn’t know much about him except that he was a clairvoyant and I had not yet read his book. There were twenty or so woman attending from all over the world and I have to admit that I wondered how they would receive the concept of spirit babies, since many of them had never seen a psychic. After seeing Walter speak, each of these woman was so moved by his description of working with spirit babies that almost all of them signed up for an individual consultation with him.

Walter’s belief is that many parents have been with their babies in past lives and that often there are lessons left to work through together. When working with infertility patients, he has noticed that there is often a blockage in physical circumstances or energetic vibration preventing the soul from entering the body. In his individual sessions, Makichen is able to speak to the spirit baby and offer insight to the parents about the needs or fears that are preventing conception. He often sees the spirit baby surrounded by an oval of light that corresponds with the chakra system, revealing which emotions need to be addressed to invite the baby in to what he calls the conception chalice:

“When couples with a conscious or unconscious desire to have a child make love, their kundalini energies flow up their spine and out the top of their heads. Their individual energies intertwine, forming a column. At the top the two energies merge into the shape of a bowl. The whole form resembles a large gold and orange goblet or chalice. This gold and orange bowl, which I call the “conception cradle,” floats above the top of the prospective mother’s head. The conception cradle calls and welcomes the spirit baby, drawing the spirit into the conception contract.” (Spirit Babies page 186-187)

Spirit Babies offers practical solutions to teach prospective parents to speak with the spirit of their unborn child through meditation and breathwork. Walter also helps women and men to work through issues of past miscarriage, abortions and trauma through grief and self-forgiveness exercises. The key that he re-iterates throughout the book is to continuously return to nature to re-attune your system with the earth. Walter believes that spirit babies may be with their parents for many years before entering the body, often presenting themselves in the form of butterflies and hummingbirds.

Since first writing this blog post, Walter has sadly passed away.  His work continues through his wife, Mary Frances, who offers guided meditations and intuitive coaching. You could find Mary France Makichen’s website here and purchase Walter’s book Spirit Babies here.

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