Pursue your Pleasure


Growing up, do you remember how you felt if your mom was unhappy?  One friend summed it up with the following: “If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy”.  No matter who is taking care of the kids, the same principle applies:  creating pleasure in your own life spreads joy around your home and through your cells.  Pleasure comes in many forms and actually creates a chemical release that can shift your entire state of mind, instantly.  Become a pampered mom or mom-to-be and choose pleasures that take you out of the daily grind and into your joy.

Move your body

A little bit of sunshine and movement can provide an endorphin infusion and help you to instantly shift your mood.  Making exercise part of your everyday routine is a great way to stay centered amidst life’s daily demands.  Make sure you choose an activity you absolutely love, so it never feels like a chore!

Have an orgasm

According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, the physcical process of orgasm releases a chemical called nitric oxide causing blood vessels to relax and increased flow to the reproductive organs, resulting in increased pleasure.

Get a massage

Another great way to release endorphins and draw upon the pleasures of physical touch.  Mayan abdominal massage is used during the fertility and postpartum periods both to lift the uterus and help the body recover after childbirth.  If you like the idea of massage through pregnancy, find a practitioner who specializes in prenatal massage.

Redecorate and Redefine

If you are in a rut, consider making some changes in your environment.  Add some new colors, move things around or consider doing some feng shui, the ancient art of placement, to bring new flavor to your surroundings.  Removing clutter is often a first step to bring peace and pleasure into your home.

3 Comments to “Pursue your Pleasure”

  1. Avatar mr agus says:

    good article……i like that, thanks

  2. Avatar Katie says:

    Great blog you have here!! I am not a parent myself but I am an aunt to a 4 year old, 2 year old, and recently a 1 month old. I am sure my sisters would just love reading your articles. I will share this with them for sure.

    • Avatar Kathryn says:

      Thanks Katie, I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. I’m not a mom yet either (though I will be soon). Isn’t it fabulous to be an aunt? I just adore my nephew Aiden~ great training!

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