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Medications to Avoid During Pregnancy


In I’m Pregnant, Lesley Regan, MD advises women keep medications to a minimum and seek their doctors advice about the safest choices for various conditions. Below is a synopsis of what to watch out for:

Antiemetics are used for severe cases of morning sickness. Be sure to ask your doctor about which ones are safe.

Antihistamines can help with allergic reactions, but not all are safe during pregnancy. Consult your doctor to find out which over the counter and presciption antihistamines are safe.

Analgesics like aspirin, ibuprofen and migraine medications should be avoided for the most part, while acetaminophen is believed to be the best option for pain relief during pregnancy.

Antiobitics like penicillin are not linked to harming your baby.

Which to avoid and why?

• Tetracyclines- discoloration and deformation of baby’s teeth and bones

• Chloramphenicol- treats typhoid fever and can cause blood reaction in baby (eye drops are not a problem)

• Streptomycin- hearing loss in babies

• Sulfonamides- jaundice in babies and allergic reactions in mothers

Laxatives that contain senna can irritate the gut and produce uterine contractions. Ask your doctor which to use and consider adding more fiber to your diet to help cure constipation.

Antacids are mostly safe to relieve heartburn during pregnancy. Read labels carefully and ask your pharmacist.

Diuretics are not recommended during pregnancy. Excessive swollen limbs may be an indication of preclampsia.

Cold and Flu medications often include caffeine and acetaminophen which should be avoided in pregnancy.

Steroids for body building should never be used in pregnancy. Steroids to reduce inflammatory skin conditions, asthma and bowel disorders like Crohn’s are often used with a doctor’s advice and monitoring.

Source: I’m Pregnant, Lesley Regan MD, page 35

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