Massage is Good for Fertility


Need a good excuse to go get a massage? Not only are massages great for reducing stress, but they can also increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. When looking for a fertility masseuse, consider practitioners that have mayan abdominal massage training to enhance your chances of conception.

Mayan Abdominal Massage uses deep abdominal work to reposition the pelvic organs and treat a pro-lapsed or tilted uterus. Massaging the abdominal region can also help to break up any adhesions or blockages that may be preventing conception. Mayan abdominal massage benefits fertility in the following ways:

1. Improves egg quality by flooding the ovaries with fresh blood supply and oxygen

2. Helps to balance irregular menstrual cycles

3. Breaking down scar tissue and adhesions

4. Reducing stress

5. Improves digestion

6. Increases overall vitality and energy

7. Prepares the muscles and ligaments for childbirth

One Comment to “Massage is Good for Fertility”

  1. Avatar Megan Groves says:

    Kathyrn, I’m impressed with how thorough your site is, and even how extensive a list of benefits you provide here! Another point which you address in many of your other posts is the emotional and energetic component. This kind of bodywork, especially through a self-care massage that we teach, provides a way for her to connect with and enhance the sexual energy of her body–helping heal painful past experiences and brighten the feeling of being safe and powerful in her sensuality. Thanks for helping spread awareness!
    Megan Groves

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