Pregnancy is an exciting time of life—an adventure like no other. It is a time of growth, of change, and of uncertainty. Often times, the unknown can be scary, but following these three rules will help you to fully enjoy the magic of your pregnancy:


LOVE where you are—even if it’s uncomfortable… In life, if we LOVE the MOMENT, we live without regrets. Being Pregnant is a MIRACULOUS, once in a lifetime opportunity. Love it now, and you will feel empowered.

Your body is AMAZING—it has abilities beyond the scope of power/knowledge/imagination. LOVE YOUR BODY. ACCEPT and THRIVE on the changes as they come. They are unique moments that teach, and they are FLEETING.

LISTEN to your instincts. You have the stewardship over your body and your little baby to know what is best. Do your research, consult the experts, but when all is said and done, LISTEN to what your heart says. You are the mom now. And MOMS RULE. (Use that intuition!)

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