Lifestyle Habits to Improve Sperm Count


Since baby making takes two,  here’s a few tips to make sure your husbands sperm is in top form for the task at hand:

1. Get daily exercise, but avoid excessive biking- biking can cause impotence and lower sperm count due to pressure from the bike seat on nerves and blood vessels surrounding the scrotum.

2. Take time to relax each day- mental stress has been linked to lower sperm count.  Meditating, reading or taking some time off work can regenerate your system and your sperm reserves.

3. Avoid excessive heat- Avoiding saunas and hot tubs may be a good idea while trying to conceive.  Exposure to excessive heat may reduce sperm count.

4. Boxers over briefs- Briefs hold the testicles closer to the body causing the sperm to heat up and lower in count.  Choosing boxer shorts keeps sperm at a more moderate temperature, which is preferable.

5. Avoid intoxicants including alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes- all intoxicants effect the quality and quantity of the sperm.  What you do today impacts your sperm in the next 10 weeks, so creating some healthy habits can reverse the impact of past habits.

In addition to the lifestyle habits listed above, eat a fresh, organic diet that includes the following nutrients: vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Co-enzyme Q10, Ginseng, Flaxseed Oil, Omega 3, wheat grass

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