Indulge Your Cravings


We all get cravings.  Whether we’re pregnant and wanting pickles and peanut butter (does anyone actually crave this?) or just desiring a little something sweet, it’s important to indulge.  If we don’t, we begin to feel restricted what could once be resolved with a piece of dark chocolate has now consumed an entire container of Ben and Jerry’s Whirled Peace in one sitting.

I’m all for eating healthy most of the time because you just plain feel better, but am also a firm believer that you must include all that you love in your diet– think 80/20.  And most importantly when you indulge, indulge guilt free.  Often times, as we develop healthier lifestyle patterns we lose some of the cravings as our body gets into balance.  The first time I got a food hangover after pizza, I was stunned.  The point is that your body really tells you what you need, including when its time to indulge in some rich decadent chocolate.  So listen to your own wisdom and enjoy every bite.

What are your favorite foods to indulge in?

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