Healthy Snacks


Snacking throughout the day is one of the best habits you can create to keep your energy levels steady, your metabolism revved and maintain a clear, focused mind. For any of you who have experienced the afternoon race to the vending machine, take my advice: pack protein, carbohydrate balanced snacks. Here’s some healthy snacks ideas:

-Wheat free crackers and hummus
-Raw vegetables and hummus
-Sprouted grain bread with nut butter
-Corn tortilla chips with guacamole
-Goat yogurt, berries and granola
-Pear with almond butter

By eating frequently throughout the day, you will master your blood sugar levels and experience a new found steadiness that leaves you alert to meet the day’s demands. You will also achieve your ideal weight during fertility and breastfeeding and help to prevent gestational diabetes in pregnancy.

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