Goals and Focus: Planning an Exercise Routine During Pregnancy


Being pregnant doesn’t mean your exercise regime has to come to a screeching halt—it doesn’t even mean that it has to change—in fact, many mommies keep up their normal workout routines throughout much of their pregnancies. However, what does need to change for a pregnant workout is one’s focus and goals.

The goal during pregnancy is to be healthy and cultivate a healthy environment for a new life to develop and grow. (It is a VERY different time from the days when you were trying to fit into those size X jeans or look good in a swimsuit. But don’t worry—you’ll be back to those goals sooner than you think.) Just stay focused on your health and your baby’s health, and you will have a happy and fulfilling pregnancy.

Take a moment right now to jot down your own goals. (an example list would include: ample sleep, getting enough fat in the diet, getting plenty of water, consuming plenty of vitamins/minerals/veggies (nutrition to support your body and your baby’s growth), focusing on good posture, avoiding stretch marks, building relationships in a new way, and having a happy attitude…)

Setting goals that are pertinent to your pregnancy will help bring peace of mind and clarity; it will let you relax as you see your growing body change and add weight. Gaining weight is normal— it is HEALTHY. You want to see the numbers on the scale going up as Mother Nature works her magic. Trust that Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

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