We all know sleep is essential for peace of mind and hormonal balance. But, what to do when you’re tossing and turning at 2 am, desperate for a full night’s rest, and completely unable to fall asleep? To get the rest you need, pay attention to your daily habits and cut out anything that might be interfering with you and at least 8 hours of sound pillow time.

1. Trade caffeine and alcohol for herbal tea– caffeine and alcohol are activating and can keep you up and running for hours on end. In fact, some people can’t even drink green tea (which has lesser amounts of caffeine) after noon without being up all night. Consider drinking herbal teas throughout the day to bring peace and calm into your life. Chamomile is one of your best choices to drink in the evening, a couple hours before you’re ready to doze off.

2. Don’t exercise late night– if you are having trouble falling asleep, you may want to lay off late night exercise and save the endorphin rush for morning. An energy boost first thing in the morning gives you a clear active mind for the day ahead, which is preferable to a night of tossing and turning.

3. Turn off the television– watching tv in the evening can be over-stimulating for your mind. Best to keep the television out of the bedroom and consider turning it off at least 2 hours prior to bedtime. If you can, make pleasurable reading a habit in the evenings instead of reading or watching the news.

4. Sleep in a dark, peaceful room– Our body produces melatonin when there is an absence of light and helps our body know it is time to rest. Avoid night lights or reading lights that may interfere with your body’s natural instinct to sleep when it is dark. Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary, free from clutter so that you associate going to bed with deep sleep.

5. Journal your worries away– It is well know that we process more information in one day than our ancestors did in a lifetime. So, it’s no surprise that our mind’s are often racing with the days happenings and tomorrow’s must do’s. Keep a journal beside your bed and take 10-15 minutes each night to right down your thoughts and clear your mind. With a full night’s rest, you’ll have the clarity you need to greet the next day.

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