General Exercise Guidelines for the First Trimester


First trimester workouts often reflect what the mommy has previously been doing in her workouts; in fact, they can be virtually the same. Some ladies report an increase in energy, and may find that they are suddenly tackling harder workouts before they actually realize they are pregnant. Other ladies end up with the infamous morning sickness—completely derailing them from their workouts.

Be aware that many pregnant ladies experience lightheadedness and/or a sensation of fainting in the first trimester—this is because blood is being diverted to their uterus. So, take precautions if you are doing inversions, standing up from a lying position, or are practicing balancing poses. Also, take time to do a gentle warm-up before your workout; this will help the body acclimate and will keep you aware of how your body is feeling for that particular day.

In the first trimester, it is important to assess how your body is feeling and to change your workouts and lifestyle accordingly. Map your health, nutrition, and fitness goals, and establish consistent sleep, nutrition, water, and exercise habits. Get in the habit of healthy routines now so the journey of your pregnancy will be easier and stress-free. Now is the time to stop participating in contact and extreme sports. It is also imperative that you stay cool and hydrated by drinking enough water, keeping your heart rate below 140 beats per minute and by limiting the length of your workouts (45 minutes to an hour is plenty of exercise!) Stop focusing on abdominal work (with the exception of Kegels—which are always helpful), and sometime during the first trimester you will stop doing exercises lying on your stomach (when these exercises become uncomfortable).

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