Fertility Enhancing Foods - Fertile Foods
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Fertility Enhancing Foods


Here are a few delicious ways to get all the nutrients you need for your fertility diet:

1.    Quinoa has 16% more protein than any other grain.  Try including a variety of nutrient rich grains like brown rice and oats in your fertility diet and avoid low carbohydrate, high protein diets which weaken immunity, cell regeneration and brain function.  In a study conducted on mice, carbohydrate consumption was limited, and their embryos were unable to implant.

2.    Olive oil and healthy fats like avocadoes, wild salmon and flaxseed oil help to promote proper hormone function. In the Harvard Medical School Nurses Study, trans-fats were proven to negatively impact fertility, even at the low rate of “2 percent” of daily calories; the equivalent amount “in two tablespoons of stick margarine, one medium order fast food French fries, or one doughnut”. (The Fertility Diet, 73).

3.    Cruciferous vegetables like brocolli and kale contain “di-indolymethane (DIM), a compound that stimulates more efficient use of estrogen by increasing the metabolism of estradiol (one form of estrogen produced in the body). Excess estradiol is associated with breast pain, weight gain, breast and uterine cancer, moodiness and low libido.” (The Infertility Cure, 83).  As an added bonus broccoli also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, sulfur, iron, and B vitamins

4.    Black Beans and lentils. Black beans are considered a reproductive tonic in Chinese Medicine and are loaded with protein, fiber, folate, iron and antioxidants all essential vitamins and minerals for your fertility.  The Harvard Medical School Nurses study found iron rich foods like lentils to support ovulation and fertility in women.

5.    Nuts and Seeds. Not only are nuts and seeds an amazing source of protein, but each contains specific nutrients known to support healthy conception.  Pumpkin seeds contain zinc to help sperm and ovulation. Almonds and sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, an antioxidant believed to help fortify sperm health and build the uterine lining.  Finally, walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which nourish your blood and eventually support neural development of your baby.

6.    Goji berries are referred to in China as the “Matrimony vine” for their use in improving sperm quality and quantity as well as helping to resolve the conditions of premature ovarian failure in women.  Goji berries are an excellent snack especially when combined with pumpkin seeds.

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