Fertility Diet Basics - Fertile Foods
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Fertility Diet Basics


1. Eat an Asian-based diet –mostly steamed vegetables, some whole grains, and hand-sized portions of protein (black beans and wild salmon are great choices)

2. Choose Organic foods, especially when meat is being consumed; fruit & veggie spray.

3. Replace all refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, including candy, cookies and “soda” with low-glycemic agave nectar.

4. Replace cow dairy products with goat, almond, rice or hemp milk

5. Set aside refined carbohydrates (white flour, pasta, rice, and wheat); favor sprouted breads (Ezekial or food for life) or breads made with spelt flour, rice flour, oat flour, polenta; and alternative pastas: spelt, brown rice, quinoa, spaghetti squash.

6. Cook with good oils: organic extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sesame oil, unrefined peanut oil, unrefined high oleic sunflower oil

7. Consume good fats including nuts and seeds, avocado, salmon and a good fish oil supplement. Avoid trans-fats in deep fried foods.

8. Choose herbal teas over coffee (both caffeinated & decaffeinated); green tea is acceptable if no sensitivity to caffeine.

9. Limit or avoid alcohol.

10. Combine a protein and carbohydrate at each meal and snack to stabilize blood sugar levels.

11. Stay hydrated throughout the day with room temperature water.

12. Follow the “80/20 rule” enjoy the foods listed above and indulge from time to time.

13. Bless your food.

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As the founder of FertileFoods.com my intention is to support men and women from the childbearing years all the way to the family dinner table by prioritizing relaxation, pleasure, exercise, healthy foods and high quality nutrient supplementation.

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