Each month an endometrial lining builds in our uterus to nurture a growing fetus and support pregnancy.  If we are not pregnant, the endometrial lining sheds during our monthly menstrual cycle.  Endometriosis, a condition that effects approximately 5 million women worldwide, occurs when endometrial tissue forms outside of the uterus, often around the fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder and intestines.  This tissue breaks down just as it would during a regular cycle, but with nowhere to go, it creates irritation, further growths, painful cycles and scar tissue. Symptoms of endometriosis include: •    Infertility •    Painful periods •    Pelvic pain during and after sex •    Heavy bleeding If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms your ob-gyn might suggest a variety of tests. Endometriosis can be somewhat challenging to diagnose since there are many conditions that involve pelvic pain.  Ultimately, a doctor may perform tests including an MRI and laparoscopy to determine whether there is in fact endometrial tissue growing in the pelvis area.   Doctor’s often use birth controls to prevent ovulation and the buildup of exterior endometrial tissue and sometimes decide to remove scar tissue with a laser. There are many natural remedies to help reverse the symptoms of endometriosis through Chinese Medicine, herbal, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle changes . Often times, incorporating gentle exercise and relaxation techniques like acupuncture, castor oil massage or mayan abdominal massage, clear passages therapy and warm soothing baths will help to reduce symptoms of inflammation along with the following changes to your diet: •    Choose organic, hormone free meats and produce •    Eat an abundance of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables for the bioflavanoids •    Load up on Omega 3 sources: hemp, hemp nuts, canola, walnut, & pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, salmon, cod liver, cod, shrimp, tuna, pink salmon, king crab •    Season with anti-inflammatory spices: ginger and turmeric •    Avoid arachidonic acid from animal meats and dairy products •    Eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates

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