Eat Organic for Your Hormones and Health


Crops are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals we would never never want in our bodies.  Animals are fed antibiotics and hormones to mass produce at rates that are unatural.  When we eat foods that aren’t organic, we ingest all of these chemicals and excess hormones and may experience hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances comes in many forms from irregular periods to anovulation to early development in young pre-pubescent girls.

In fact, the “New Jersey Study” is revealing a strong connection between the early onset of a young girls first menstrual cycle and higher incidences of breast cancer. It appears that girls who get their first period before age 11 have three times the incidence of breast cancer. The physiological link between the early onset of menses and breast cancer is estrogen. It is believed that more exposure to estrogen equals a higher risk of breast cancer.

So what can we do to avoid excess levels of estrogen in our bodies?

1. Eat organic foods whenever possible- especially when consuming meats and dairy which may have foreign hormone. When eating non-organic fruits and veggies- create a solution: 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar with a teaspoon to remove excess pesticides. Many cities offer local organic food delivery that pride themselves on reasonable organic produce.

2. Avoid chemicals from packaging- A recent study finds packaging chemical may hinder fertility. Researchers are looking more closely at the perfluorinated chemicals PFOS and PFOA, found in food packaging (including pizza boxes and popcorn bags), pesticides, clothing, carpets and personal care products to determine whether PCF’s will officially be added as “risk factors” for infertility.

3. Eat cruciferous vegetables like brocolli and kale that contain “di-indolymethane (DIM), a compound that stimulates more efficient use of estrogen by increasing the metabolism of estradiol (one form of estrogen produced in the body). Excess estradiol is associated with breast pain, weight gain, breast and uterine cancer, moodiness and low libido.” (The Infertility Cure, 83). As an added bonus broccoli also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, sulfur, iron, and B vitamins

2 Comments to “Eat Organic for Your Hormones and Health”

  1. Avatar Hanlie says:

    Absolutely! This is becoming more and more important!

  2. Avatar Hadier says:

    Ladies I am 33 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago. Here I was mairerd to the man of my dreams for almost five years who happened to be a single father of two wonderful boys and I felt alone and empty. I loved my stepchildren but every time I looked at them I was reminded of my inability to conceive. Within the first two years of being diagnosed I had two miscarriages back to back. I went into a deep depression and thought that I had given up all hope to have the baby of my dreams. this put an awful strain on my marriage and we almost didn’t make it through. But ladies I am here to tell you that I have now conceived four times naturally. In 2008 I gave birth to a gorgeous son that the lord blessed our family with after 10 years. At 33 I am now 12 weeks pregnant and thanking god everyday Ladies please do not give up!Here’s to all the blessings that god has in store for us!

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