Drink Water to Feel Better


For me water is the panacea for many pregnancy and post-pregnancy ailments.  I have a headache: I drink more water.  I am congested: I drink more water.  My body is achy:  I drink more water. Hydration lubricates, cleanses, and flushes. Our bodies are roughly 60% water, more abundant than any other component in our bodies.  It just makes sense that it must be replenished, especially when pregnant. Fertile Foods will help you know how much water to drink, but in short, drink half your weight in ounces each day.  If you’re pregnant, drink 5% more.  If you’re nursing, drink 40% more.  Don’t forget to drink even more if you’re exercising.  In pregnant you should drink lots of water to maintain amniotic fluid and allow the fetus to recycle the water in your uterus properly.

It is entertaining.  My children are now believers in the medicinal properties of hydration.  If their tummies hurt they ask me “Mom can I have more water?”  An earache, “more water please.”  They have a bruise, “more water.”  I of course realize that water will not cure all aches and pains, but I feel it should be the first response to many.  If you are feeling sluggish, instead of reaching for something caffeinated, replenish your body with its main ingredient: water.  If you have a headache, before the Tylenol try drinking a glass or two of water.

I find drinking room temperature water is easier and more soothing if I need to consume large amounts.   I also love my large KleanKanteen.  It is always filled with water and helps me measure my intake.  Having a water container that you like is especially handy when nursing.  Initially my thirst is almost unquenchable, which I actually appreciate.  The extreme thirst is the reminder I need that I am drinking for two.  Water intake becomes a part-time job.  Later the thirst prompt will wane, but the need for hydration will not.

Remember if thirsty:  drink more water.  If not thirsty:  probably drink more water.  For me the visual of our oxygenated blood coursing through our body bringing life to all our extremities is powerful.   Blood feeds our body, organs, and brain, and water fuels our blood.  It is its vehicle of transport.  Do right by your body, fetus, and new baby: drink more water.  It does a body good!

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