Coping With Bed Rest During Pregnancy


Bed Rest? While we joke that bed rest would be wonderful, many moms who actually experience it find it can be anything but relaxing. Often times, laying in bed when there are a million responsibilities floating around can be maddening and depressing— creating a mental stress because one can see all the chores, but is not able to do them. Suddenly the desired bed rest can become what seems to be a prison sentence.

The key to surviving—and thriving—with bed rest is to employ a secret that we likely learned back in kindergarten: Adjust Expectations. This is also known as “Blooming Where You’re Planted” or “Making Lemonade out of Lemons,” or “Living in the Moment.” It sounds too simple, but if you try it, you’ll find this philosophy yields amazing results. Honestly. Change your expectations of yourself, and find the joy in the moment. Try these steps:

1) Set in place a network—spouse, relative, neighbor, church associates—who will help to do the essentials around the house.

2) Give self permission to rest—let go of self-imposed deadlines (because most of the deadlines we meet are self-imposed)

3) Focus on what you can do, and what you want to do. Staying in bed is a great time to let your mind workout, even if your body can’t. It is a time to… Actually feel rested, have time to decide on baby names and a myriad of other exciting decisions, to write in your journal, to set goals as a mother, to read up on the latest parenting skills books or to do some handwork… It is also a great time to build relationships—reading to a child, with your husband, or getting in touch with friends. This time can be pure extravagance when you take time to do some of the things you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Remember that bed rest is only for a blink of time—even if it lasts through your whole pregnancy. Your most important goal is to be healthy and make a healthy baby. If that means staying off your feet, then enjoy it! Living in the moment= a life without regret. This is because, instead of waiting for a time to be happy, you are creating happiness wherever you are!

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