Can I Do Aerobics While I’m Pregnant?


Absolutely! Aerobics are great during pregnancy as long as you follow these guidelines:

• The workout does not feel strenuous
• It is non-impact
• You are staying cool and hydrated
• And you feel good!

Make sure you have comfortable and supportive clothing, and wear shoes that are supportive and are in good condition.

Studies also show that women who do aerobics consistently (and pre-pregnancy) are known to have shorter and easier labors. Other benefits include increased energy, more stable hormones and moods, and stabilized weight gain.

Keep in mind that you should always take aerobics at your own pace—independent of the other class participants and the speed of the instructor. Feel free to stop and catch your breath, take a drink, or even stretch. And make sure you quit while you’re ahead. Working out to exhaustion can cause you to overheat, which in turn is not healthy for your baby. So pay attention, more than ever, to what your body says… and… Have a great workout!

One Comment to “Can I Do Aerobics While I’m Pregnant?”

  1. Avatar Misty Lara says:

    Nice info. I’d like to also point out that you should still consult your physician before you start doing aerobics during your pregnancy….for if a pregnant mom shows signs of preeclampsia or worsening hypertension, the doctor may say to lay off.

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