BE NICE to yourself. Be a good example of health.


Your attitude about fitness and health will have lasting effects in your life, and in the lives around you. Consider these goals:
1) Be grateful
2) Respect the miracle of life
3) Accurately assess what your body (and soul) need to be healthy
4) Be disciplined enough to facilitate good health habits

As you develop a healthy and happy attitude toward your body, food, and exercise, you benefit in many ways. Primarily, you are HAPPY. Yes, you have mental peace. This alone brings a lightness to your step that no diet ever will. You also have the CONFIDENCE that comes with aligning thoughts and goals and accomplishing goals (this resolves emotional conflict). Notice—this is another benefit to the SOUL! Thirdly, you enjoy physical HEALTH, STRENGTH, agility, balance, and many other physical perks. More stamina. More energy. More clarity of thought. This physical boost also affects the mind and soul—if there’s more energy, then there’s more productivity. Suddenly your entire life looks happier, brighter, and in better control. Your confidence and clarity is spread to those around you—especially your children. Keep in mind, your views on fitness and the human body largely shape your children’s views—think of the tremendous gift you give them, as you teach them through example, to treasure their bodies and their health. Begin now to champion your health, and BE NICE to yourself. Be a good example of health.

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