Autism Linked to Heavy Metals in the Body


The new study, “The Severity of Autism Is Associated With Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell Glutathione Levels” has determined that the severity of autism is directly linked to heavy metal levels . In 2007, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with autism and boys out number girls four to one.

This study is one of three papers that were generated from the original research study of determining DMSA’s effectiveness in the autistic population as a treatment option. DMSA is a licensed medication for treating lead poisoning and indicated in cases meeting toxic criteria. DMSA, commonly known as “Chelation Therapy” is widely used off-label for other metal exposures, e.g. mercury. A Chelator is a medication that binds to heavy metals in the body and aids in its excretion.

In this study, DMSA was given to 63 children (ages 3 -8 years) in order to determine the levels of toxic metals in their body. It was clearly indicated that higher levels of toxic metals was directly associated with more severe autistic symptoms. This is one of the strongest studies to date linking the severity of autism to heavy metal toxicity.

To read the study in its entirety, go to and click on “Provisional PDF”.

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