Alleviate Constipation During Pregnancy


A lot of women believe constipation is an inevitable part of being pregnant.  While this doesn’t have to be the case, there are a couple of physical reasons that slow us down.  For one, pregnancy hormones cause your intestinal wall to relax, creating a more sluggish digestive process.  Secondly, your baby may be taking up more room than you think, potentially pressing on your intestinal wall and putting a kink in your system.

What can you do?  The first thing to look at is your nutrition.  Make sure you are eating lots of high fiber foods (leafy greens, whole fruits, brown rice, oats, legumes and beans) and limit low fiber foods (meat, cheese, butter and sugar).  Drinking lots of water is a key since it helps to digest fiber.  Last but not least, get some movement each day to keep your endorphins and digestion flowing.

6 Comments to “Alleviate Constipation During Pregnancy”

  1. Avatar J.D. says:

    For someone that don’t eat veggies that was EXTREMELY hard to get a lot of fiber in. I tried eating lots of fruit (mostly grapes) & that didn’t seem to help. I’m not good at staying with it every single day…I would do it every other day or do it for a week then stop a week. Finally I started taking Colace (after getting ok with doctor) & drink lots of water.

    • Avatar Kathryn says:

      Did you try including lots of leafy greens? Some of the best fruits are apples, pears and dark berries. Hot water and lemon is a great trick to and some of my clients use senna leaf as a natural laxative.

  2. Avatar marie says:


    My reply to your email bounced back. Please give me an alternative email. Thanks.

    Marie @ GreenFertility

  3. […] Laxatives that contain senna can irritate the gut and produce uterine contractions. Ask your doctor which to use and consider adding more fiber to your diet to help cure constipation. […]

  4. Avatar Em says:

    I do all of this – eat fibre-rich foods, exercise (walk, stretches, yoga) to a greater or lesser degree every day, drink tons of water…. and I still am clogged up! It seems that the bowel movements I pass are soft rather than hard, they are just few and far between, and in the mean time I get bloating and that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach until I do go to the toilet. Advice??? Thanks.

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