3 Drinks to Avoid During Pregnancy


Alcohol- drinking alcohol can impact your baby’s brain development and increase the risk of miscarriage. At excessive levels, it may even cause deformities, mental retardation and low birth rates. If you are having trouble giving up alcohol, please visit your health care provider and get the support you need.

Caffeine- a 2008 study by the Kaiser Permanente revealed than even low levels of caffeine (200 mg a day) can increase the incidence of miscarriage and slow fetal development. Caffeinated beverages include coffee, hot chocolate and energy drinks.

Soft drinks- many sodas contain chemicals like aspartame and high fructose corn syrups. Best to cut the artificial stuff out before, during and after pregnancy and quench your thirst with water. If you need something a little more exciting try Izze sparkling juice.

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