10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season


With flu season upon us it is important to take preventative steps to stay healthy. Building up your immune system is an important element of keeping bacteria and illness at bay. Consider the following natural remedies to prevent illness during flu season:

1. Acupuncture
Oriental Medicine focuses on preventing illness and uses tiny needles inserted along the meridian lines to keep energy flowing freely and build up the body’s defenses or Wei Qi to stop germs and viruses from invading.

2. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables
Colorful foods contain the most nourishing antioxidants. To get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals and boost your immune system, create a plate with all the colors of the rainbow.

3. Take supplements
Supplementing your already healthy diet with vitamins is a sure way to stay healthy and make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. Especially important for flu season are Vitamin D (sunshine), Vitamin C (oranges), Zinc (pumpkin seeds) and Selenium (brazil nuts).

4. Get lots of rest
Staying rested is one of the best ways to ensure your immune system stays in top form. Whenever possible, be in bed by 11pm and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Listen to your body if it calls for a nap.

5. Exercise for replenishment
Daily movement is one way to ensure fresh blood supply and oxygen to all your organs. Resist the urge to over exercise which can tax your system and leave you feeling depleted.

6. Wash your hands often
Many germs are spread through contact from your hands to your mouth. Make a point to wash your hands frequently through the day and avoid touching public door knobs and potentially infected areas like unnecessary flights.

7. Drinks lots of water and hot tea
Staying hydrated flushes germs and keeps the body healthy. Consider gargling with salt water and drink lots of hot tea to prevent bacteria from forming in the throat and nose.

8. Avoid sugar and processed foods
Sugar and refined foods deplete the immune system by wreaking havoc on your blood sugar levels and your adrenals. Limit or avoid overly sugary treats to keep your energy reservoirs at peak performance.

9. Take a probiotic
Probiotics build the immune system by introducing healthy bacteria to the gut. Take a quality probiotic or be sure to get a healthy dose of cultured vegetables or fermented foods each day.

10. Avoid those infected with the flu
Of course, whenever possible, stay away from those already infected to ensure they don’t pass the flu to you. Ideally those with the flu will stay incubated for 7-10 days until they are feeling better.

Kathryn Flynn is the author of Cooking for Fertility: Foods to Nourish Your Fertile Soul. Kathryn supports men and women worldwide in achieving a healthy pregnancy through nutrition and lifestyle changes in her individual fertility nutrition consultations. For additional information, please feel free to email Kathryn.

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