Why Babies Love Breast Milk - Fertile Foods
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Why Babies Love Breast Milk


There is one thing you can usually count on to calm an unsettled baby: the infamous breast.  If you’ve ever seen a baby après breast milk you will know what I mean.  There is often an angelic peace and satiation as if to say: “this is my idea of heaven”.   If you are feeling over taxed by the demand, consider pumping and allowing a partner to bottle-feed the baby.  Either way, it’s is incredible to stop and realize all of the health benefits you are able to gift your baby through your breast milk:

1. Immunity: Colostrum, which is present in the first breast milk you produce, has strong immune building properties that help your baby fight off germs and as a result have fewer cold and infections.

2. Perfect nutrition: Breast milk contains the perfect nutrient balance from protein and carbohydrates to fat, minerals and vitamins.

3. Less chance of developing allergies: Breastfeeding has been shown reduce the onset of food allergies later in life.

4. A higher IQ: Studies show that children who are breastfed have higher IQ’s and do better in schools.

5. Reduced risk of obesity: Research has shown that children who are breastfed have less chance of becoming obese.

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