In Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the element of wood and the color green; a time for new growth and blossoming creativity.  Spring is a wonderful time to cleanse the liver and gallbladder for clarity in vision:  the ability to see what you want and create it.

Spring is the perfect time to lighten your load and start fresh.  Whether it’s clearing your mind, your body or your closet, a detox creates space for new beginnings. Use the following processes to cleanse your system and make room for emerging potential and new possibilities.

Detox your diet

Most people add a few pounds during the winter, a time of storing up reserves and deep rest.  The spring calls for a lighter fare, including lots of leafy greens,  pungent vegetables and spices and wheat grass.  For fertility it’s important to cleanse gently.  Consider the daily detox in our fertility cleanse with gentle supplements and recipes to support you.

Break a sweat

Pick an exercise you absolutely love that gets you sweating and stick with it.  Exercise is essential for weight loss, mental clarity and releasing old toxic patterns.  When exercising for fertility pace yourself and focus on relaxation.

Spa time 

A deep tissue massage with a sugar scrub can go along way toward making you feel fresh and revived. Recreate the same feeling at home with a luxurious sea salt bath and loofah scrub to remove dead skin cells and vitalize fresh circulation.

Vision Board 

Spend time going through magazines and ripping out pictures that represent your desires and fresh self.  Paste them on a bristol board and keep it where you can see it each day to remind you of the direction you are heading.

Journal your thoughts daily

Putting your thoughts down on paper is a good way to reduce mind clutter and organize your thoughts. Keep a pad beside your bed and commit to writing stream of consciousness style (read: no order or punctuation) once a day.

Clear your living space

Go through your closets and your entire home for that matter and toss out everything you haven’t used or worn in the last 2 months.  Deep clean, release what is old and no longer necessary to your life. Donate to good will and experience the grace that comes from giving as well as the space that opens up for all that is new.

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