Snack Attack: Listening to What Your Body Needs


So often, we eat without thinking—sweets or salties: Something to satisfy! But what are we trying to satisfy? Much too commonly, we try to satisfy another need (that is nagging us subconsciously) by satisfying our taste buds. The immediate gratification of taste seems to be enough pleasure to ignore what the body, spirit, soul, or psyche is really craving. But, if we would just stop, turn off the taste buds, and take a minute to ask ourselves what it is we need, chances are we would uncover a very different answer. Of course, the journey to finding fulfillment is individual, but here is a list one might use in deciphering what it is she really needs and wants:

Am I hungry? Be sure to pack snacks! Eating frequently throughout the day can stop binge eating and hunger pangs.

Am I thirsty? Drinking at least half your body weight in ounces will quench your thirst and leave you feeling satiated.

Am I sleepy? Be sure you are getting adequate sleep and don’t be afraid to nap. It is normal to feel the need for more sleep when pregnant

Am I stressed? Take a moment to yourself and check in about how life’s demands are impacting you. How are you feeling about deadlines, social commitments, relationships? Take time to journal and assess your needs.

Do I crave energy? Eating every few hours along with exercising to boost endorphins may be just he fix you need. Sometimes simply soaking up some sunlight or relaxing with a massage can fulfill the need.

So, before you head for the candy dish, ask yourself the above questions to determine what you are really seeking.

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