Organic Libido Tea

Organic Libido Tea


Impassion your libido with a pleasure filled blend of delicious organic honeybush, organic cinnamon, organic damiana, organic ashwaganda root, organic nettle leaf, organic rose petals, and organic vanilla extract.

When it comes to your pleasure, replenishing your reservoirs and igniting your passion is most important. Moontime Tea’s Libido Blend supports a woman’s vitality with an all organic blend of herbal teas.Sip Moontime Tea’s Libido Blend and stoke your inner fire while connecting with the natural cycles of the moon, the earth and your body.

Ingredients: Organic Honeybush | Organic Cinnamon | Organic Damiana | Organic Ashwaganda Root | Organic Nettle Leaf | Organic Rose Petals | Organic Vanilla Extract

2 reviews for Organic Libido Tea

  1. Paula Wittmer

    I used this product before I got pregnant, and it worked for me. Now I am wondering can I use it when I am pregnant still?

    • Kat

      Hi Paula, Congratulations! I would switch to a blend specifically created for pregnancy now that you are pregnant. All the best to you!

  2. Kewalee

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