1 Month Fertility Program


1 hour fertility nutrition consult plus one month of email support with Kathryn Flynn


Whether you are looking to simply enhance your natural fertility or dealing with a specific diagnosis, nutrition consultations are custom made to address reproductive wellness as well as diagnoses of infertility including:

Advanced Maternal Age
Recurrent Miscarriage
Luteal Phase Defect
Male Factor Infertility
Sperm Health
Premature Ovarian Failure
Structural blockages
Unexplained Infertility

During your specialized fertility nutrition consultation, you will be guided on the best food and lifestyle choices to enhance your fertility. Prior to your first meeting, you will fill out a detailed intake form to tell us more about your current habits and intentions for the call so that your program can be best customized to meet your individual needs. After the consult, plan to send weekly food journals for review and use email support for any questions about the plan, alternative food choices and recipes.

Benefits include:

– a written nutrition and lifestyle plan
– support sorting through fertility diet myths
– specific food recommendations for your diagnosis (eastern and western)
– fertility enhancing recipes and meal ideas
– shopping lists with healing foods
– supplement guidelines
– one month of support to integrate plan into everyday life
– Food journal review


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