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Second Thoughts About Flu Shots


The flu comes around most winters, and enough Zinc and Vitamin C makes you much less likely to catch it.   If you are unlucky enough to get the flu, take to your bed, and keep taking a hefty vitamin and mineral program including plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc. That way it is usually over in a couple of days.

The mixture of flu shots still contains Thimerosal – as in the MMR – a mercury based preservative, aluminum and no doubt animal substances. Do not do consider getting the shot if you are about to be pregnant, already pregnant or breastfeeding. I would avoid it like the plague. Some even believe it to be a major contribution to Alzheimer’s, as mercury goes to the brain and wreaks havoc.

There are many different strains of flu, and the flu shot may not be for the right one that is coming this year.  I would remain healthy and skeptical! Remember we were all going to die of AIDS then of SARS, then Bird Flu ,Pig flu, Now Swine flu… Boost your immune system with Zinc, found in liver, beef, lamb, venison, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, green peas, shrimp, mushrooms and Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, juices, dark green vegetables, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries.

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