If I Eat Yams Will I Have Twins?


As a girl who has always dreamed of having twins, the “yam theory” is very interesting to me.    Fertility experts claim that high yam consumption may be the reason why  Igbo-Ora, a small farming community in Nigeria, has about five times the average incidence of twins.  It is suspected that the phytoestrogens in yams cause multiple eggs to be released at a ovulation, creating a culture where families with multiple sets of twins are not unusual.

Luckily, I like yams.  I’m even willing to scout out true African yams found mainly at specialty markets (the “yams” in grocery stores are typically sweet potatoes).  Beyond being a delicious and lower glycemic alternative to white potatoes, yams contain high levels of Vitamin A and may increase milk production in lactating women.

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16 Comments to “If I Eat Yams Will I Have Twins?”

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  4. i want to have twins, so can u tell what to eat and what to do to have twins, i am an olympia in 2004.

  5. Avatar ronke says:

    That photo is not yams,those are sweet potatoes. I’m Nigerian & my mum’s brother has got twins. Yam theory was an interesting read.

  6. Avatar you know says:

    Can you please tell me what food i can eat so can have twins?

  7. Avatar mana says:

    where can i found yams i’m staying in South Afica, I need yams

  8. Avatar Maame ama says:

    I want to have twins but have PCOS,what should i do?can eating yaw help

  9. Avatar star says:

    who says those are not yam@ronke….those are not sweet potatoes, am 100percent nigerian and those are yams pls.

  10. Avatar FP says:

    @Ronke , what are you talking about? Those are Yams in the picture! and not sweet potatoe, Real West African YAMS! the same one you buy at Ghanaian/Nigerian grocery store.

    I am not a twin, and i dont have twins in my family. But I will try this theory out, Increasing my yam intake as of now. When I get married I will hope to conceive twins. Im 24, not engaged. so my eggs better be multiplying 3-4 yrs of increased yam intake should do the job…shouldn’t it?

  11. Avatar sarah22 says:

    i dream to have twin, i only have one sister and i want to have big families in the future which i really want to have twin that would be so cool having to twin identical twin wow am really going to try eating yam, but what do you need to do with how to cook them

  12. Avatar ria says:

    want to buy yams for twins so where can i buy?

  13. Avatar kemi says:

    Can someone tell me is it only nigeria yam can make you have twins ? What about ghana yam (puna)

  14. Avatar khole rose says:

    I wsnt to have twins so bad help me

  15. Avatar monika sharma says:

    i am from india.and i wanna buy yams..from where i can buy them? and is it possible for indian gals to be pragnent with twins?
    please help

    • Kat Kat says:

      Hello Monika, is there an African market you have access to? I have seen an article where scientists are studying a town in India: North Karola where there are four times the incidence of twins.

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