Healthy for You and Your Baby


For alot of women, the idea of getting pregnant is a great incentive to finally get healthy.   For others, especially those experiencing infertility, getting pregnant is a means to an end.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard: “I’ll give up my diet soda if it means I’ll get pregnant, but as soon as I’ve got my baby in my arms…”.  This resistance always appears before they’ve experienced the full array of benefits that healthy living brings.

When you decide to get healthy in preparation for baby, you are giving a great gift to yourself and everyone around you.  The side effects of a healthy diet and lifestyle are amazing and include:

1.  Smiling more- the combination of endorphin producing exercise and a nutrient rich diet inevitably leaves you feeling centered and more joyful.

2. Glowing skin– our skin is our largest organ and a direct reflection of our digestive function.  Eating a pure diet lessens toxic buildup, while sweating helps to release toxins through the pores.

3. Fabulous digestion- Exercise and a high fiber diet ensure toxins are helps the natural process of peristalsis, optimizing your digestion.

4. Effortless weight loss- in your pre-pregnancy stage, don’t be surprised if some extra pounds fall out, without even trying.  Replacing foods with limited nutritional value with an array of organic fruits, vegetables, grains and lean protein can have this effect!

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