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Health Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is a time of harvest and gathering your provisions in preparation for quiet introspection. As the leaves begin to change color and fall from the branches we say goodbye to the growth of summer and allow its bounty to nourish the earth. As we release the lighter and brighter carefree days of summer, the cooler days of fall encourages us to move from yang outward expression into deep yin self nourishment.

In Chinese medicine, fall is associated with the metal element, the color white and the emotions of grief and sadness. The corresponding organs, the lung and large intestine reflect the energy of the season: a time for taking in and letting go. To attune with the energy of the fall season, practice the art of gathering and releasing with the following:

Breathe: The fire energy of summer can bring a frenzy of excitement and activity leaving us feeling without a moment to stop and breathe. With the onset of fall, we can practice gathering and grounding our energies by practicing deep belly breathing.

Digestive Health: During the fall season it is particularly important to pay attention to your large intestine and elimination patterns. If you find yourself getting constipated consider a gentle detox and cleanse. Aim to eat mostly cooked foods with an abundance of steamed vegetables, fruit and fiber, while drinking more water. Starting the day off with a cup of hot water and lemon helps to clear your palette.

Immunity: The cooler days of fall bring with them a tendency toward cold and flus. To build your immune system get lots of rest, nourish yourself with whole foods and exercise in the fresh air whenever possible. Cut up dried seaweed and add to simmering soups or casseroles and use mushrooms in recipes to help build your immunity.

Lighting: As the sunny days fade away, many people notice a change in their moods and experience feelings of sadness, grief and depression associated with Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). To counteract the effects of less sunlight be sure catch some sunlight each day, take a quality fish oil supplement and extra vitamin D. You might also consider spending some time under a sun lamp, especially if you live in the northern states where sunlight can be sparse.

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