Elizabeth Shore Burt

Elizabeth Shore Burt

Exercise Specialist

An advocate of healthy pregnancies, Elizabeth believes that being equipped with the right tools and attitudes during pregnancy lets both mom and dad thrive and grow as they witness first-hand the miracle of life.  These same tools and attitudes are the propellers for getting back into shape post-partum, and for creating a fabulous life for self and family.

Elizabeth’s passion for fitness began years ago when she and her sister would challenge the neighborhood boys in sporting competitions.  She grew up loving the magic of the human body and revering the ability to move.  Elizabeth received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University and holds personal training and teaching certifications in Kick Box, Cycle, Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.  She is also ACSM H/FI, and NASM-CPT certified.

Elizabeth is currently working on a series of exercise videos to support healthy pregnancy and optimal health after pregnancy.  Visit ElizabethShore.com to learn more.

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