Do I Need to Focus on Arm Exercises during My Pregnancy Workouts?

Pregnancy arm workout

We all love tight arms! Looking good in a tank top, short-sleeved shirt, or swimsuit means having tight arms. But what exercises really tone the biceps and triceps? According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, focusing a weights workout on biceps and triceps is unnecessary when lifting for the chest and back muscle groups.

How is that possible? When you’re doing a chest press, the triceps are stimulated, and when you’re doing a back pull, your biceps are stimulated. Think of it as multi-tasking. So, don’t feel guilty about cutting out the specific arm exercises. Your arms will become toned as you lift properly. The key is lifting enough weight during your chest and back exercises to reach fatigue at about 15 repetitions. Give it a try. Your arms will feel it!

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