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Cookie for Milk Supply?

I am a lactation consultant in private practice. I see many moms struggle with milk production. As you can imagine, (and as many of you know!) it’s very frustrating to do everything “right” and still not have enough milk for your baby. Moms know that breast milk is the best thing for babies, yet when supply problems exist, it can be difficult to give baby 100% breast milk. I have found that moms will do just about anything to help increase their milk production—prescriptions medications, strenuous pumping regimens or drinking bitter herbal concoctions.

Recently I was approached by the founder of Milkmakers. She enthusiastically told me about her product—a cookie—that reportedly helps with milk production in breastfeeding moms. Some of the ingredients in Milkmakers are known to support milk production, but I was skeptical, to say the least.

Since this is a new product and an interesting idea, I decided to do a little research. Seattle moms with concerns about milk supply agreed to eat these delicious, nutrient-dense cookies for a week and let me know how they “worked.” Much to my surprise, the vast majority of the moms called with positive results. Many of the moms had returned to work and found that a nutritious cookie was the perfect complement to pumping.

I will continue to offer herbs, medications and other proven protocols for my clients with serious milk production issues. I will also offer cookies as part of the solution—particularly for moms who may need a boost when returning to work.

If you are having problems with supply, contact a lactation consultant for help. In addition, give Milkmakers a try. They may be part of the solution!

Milkmaker cookies can be found at www.milk-makers.com.

Written by Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC. Renee is a lactation consultant in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is available for home/hospital visits and phone consultations. Renee can be reached at www.second9months.com

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