Health Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is a time of harvest and gathering your provisions in preparation for quiet introspection. As the leaves begin to change color and fall from the branches we say goodbye to the growth of summer and allow its bounty to nourish the earth. As we release the lighter...

Northwest Salad Video Instructions

Below are the video instructions for making the delicious chlorophyll salad recipe from the Cooking for Fertility DVD.  For written instructions please click here.

Chlorophyll Rich Northwest Fertility Salad

The first time Tiffany made me this chlorophyll rich salad I was blown away. The rich colors of the green […]

Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind

image from Spring is the perfect time to lighten your load and start fresh.  Whether it's clearing your mind, your body or your closet, a detox creates space for new beginnings. In Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the element of wood and the...
Simmering Adzuki Bean Stew Recipe

Simmering Adzuki Bean Stew Recipe

There is nothing more comforting than a hearty, nutritious bowl of homemade soup especially as we head into the cooler...

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