Building a Pregnancy Support Team

pregnancy support

Pregnancy can be fun but also challenging. Not only is your body changing but also your hormone levels are fluctuating.

In my last post I mentioned information overload and one of the best ways to prevent overload is to create a support team.

Your support team starts with your spouse and family. They are the ones that you know you the best and can, hopefully, provide emotional and non-judgmental support.

Your doctor or midwife is the expert; they are trained and have been through the birth experience hundreds of times. When you go to your prenatal appointments make sure that if you do not understand their advice, ask them to repeat and re-explain until the information is clear. That is why you hired them.

Because pregnancy can cause fluctuating hormone levels, many mothers-to-be lose focus. Write your questions down before going to your doctor or midwife. It really helps! When I go to prenatal appointments with my clients we make sure that we have previously discussed their most important questions to ensure they get the answers they need.

Your team may also include a doula, massage therapist, acupuncturist, lactation consultant, herbalist, nutritionist, yoga instructor or Pilates instructor. Many of my clients have experienced tremendous benefits from these specialists.

All of these professionals can play an important part in your pregnancy. So if feel the need, do use their services to support you. It will be worth it!

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